TeslaLiptovský Hrádok, Slovakia

499 kWp solar power plant on the roof and facade

In Slovakia, we built a commercial rooftop PV power plant with an installed capacity of 499 kWp and 160 kWp battery storage.

Using the power plant as a.s.urce of electricity, the company TESLA Liptovský Hrádok a.s. expects to recover the cost of the investment in 7 years. As the project was unsubsidized and therefore executed without any bureaucratic delays, the company has gained extra years of energetic self-reliance.

The plant's output is controlled in real time based on current consumption of the production facility. Thus, energy is used efficiently in the local distribution grid of the facility, while the operator's requirements preventing power flows into the grid are fully met.

Complete project delivery

For our client, we managed and delivered the project of a turnkey solar power plant, including project design, engineering, construction execution, and finally connecting the plant to the grid. The power plant is designed to use its own control system to respond to current electricity demand and to work in combination with the battery storage and cogeneration unit.

Industrial battery

The industrial battery we installed will cover the peak electricity demand of production lines. As a result, our client will manage to reduce costs of reserve capacity. On top of that, the project is designed in such way that allows the battery capacity to be increased in the future.

Solar panels on the facade of the building

A unique feature of this project are solar panels integrated into the facade of the building. The facade itself generates the energy of 42 kWp!

Solution properties

  • Plant power output of 499 kWp
  • Battery capacity of 160 kWh
  • Dispatch control for PV systems with a capacity above 250 kWp
  • SUNTECH 330 Wp PV panels
  • PV string inverters Huawei/ Solaredge
  • Power output of cogeneration unit: 1× 15 kW a 1× 20 kW
  • 6 months
  • 300+ hours of work
  • 1514 solar panels
  • 7 years payback period
Great communication, excellent cooperation, and high returns. What more could one ask for?
Ing. Dušan Lichardus, the Chair of the Board of Directors of Tesla Liptovský Hrádok

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