Zemědělská a.s.Krucemburk

Local farm animals are happy to use the green power generated by the new 156 kWp solar power plant.

As a.s.bcontractor for ČEZ Solární, we built a.s.lar power plant for the Agricultural Cooperative in Krucemburk. The power plant’s output is 156 kWp, and the cost of the investment is expected to be recovered in 9 years. The power plant is installed on the metal roofs of hay storage buildings. The construction works were performed under time pressure in extremely difficult weather conditions, typical of the Vysočina Region.

Extreme working conditions

At the end of November, we installed the power plant at the heights of up to 12 metres above the ground. Despite the low temperatures, strong wind and heavy rain, and slippery metal roof, we managed to complete the project without any major issues.

Dispatch control

Since the plant’s capacity is higher than 100 kWp, we were legally obliged to provide the local agricultural cooperative with a dispatch control system, which regulates the plant's power output, in order to prevent power flows into the power grid.

Solution properties

  • Plant power output of 156 kWp
  • Project subsidized by the OP (PIK) Operational Programme
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • 578 pcs of AUO BENQ 270 Wp solar panels
  • 3 pcs of SolarEdge string inverters
  • Dispatch control for PV systems with a capacity above 100 kWp
  • 6 months
  • 200+ hours of work
  • 578 solar panels
  • 9 years payback peroid
Even under time pressure and in adverse weather, Atlantis managed to meet all the deadlines and requirements of our PV project.
Marek Procházka, Project Manager at ČEZ Solární

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