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93 kWp rooftop PV plant is an effective and efficient use of the roof space of the factory

We built a 93 kWp solar power plant for Prefa Praha, a company specialized in the production of prefabricated concrete structures. The power plant covers approx. 20 % of the factory’s energy consumption, and the cost of the investment should be recovered in 12 to 13 years. In order to maximize the power output and the use of the roof space, we chose the east-west panel orientation.

Use of local resources

We used Prefa’s cranes and other heavy machinery the company had on site, which helped us save time and additional construction costs.

Project finished in 8 days

It took us no more than 8 days to complete the construction of a.s.lar power plant installed on the rooftop of a cut and bent rebar factory. The factory remained in full operation during the construction.

Solution properties

  • Plant power output of 93 kWp
  • German PMT substructures, east-west orientation
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • 284 pcs of SUNTECH 330 Wp PV panels (Half Cut Monocrystalline)
  • 2 pcs of PV string inverters HUAWEI SUN2000 50 KTL and 20 KTL
  • PV controlled by transmitter and receiver
  • 6 months
  • 100+ hours of work
  • 284 solar panels
  • 13 years payback period
Building a power plant in 8 days while maintaining all operations? For Atlantis, it's a piece of cake.
Ing. Filip Klíma, Member of the Board of Directors of Prefa Prague

More case studies

The production process of technical ceramics is now powered by a 81 kWp solar power plant.


Horní Slavkov
Industrial photovoltaic power plant
power output
81 kWp
9 years

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