KV Final s.r.o.Ralsko

The production of parts for the automotive industry has a green footprint thanks to the solar power plant 901.80 kWp.

KV Final s.r.o. is a major manufacturer of pressed and welded parts for automotive industry and its products are exported worldwide. The 901.80 kWp solar power plant built by us at the Ralsko production plant will cover 33 % of the plant’s electricity consumption, reducing its carbon footprint by 440 tonnes of CO₂ per year.

A total of 2004 TIER 1 class PV modules and inverters with safety and performance optimizers from the world’s leading manufacturer SolarEdge, which are among the safest on the market, were used for the construction.

In the monitoring platform, the user can monitor electricity production in real time.

Complete project delivery

For our client, we managed and delivered the project of a turnkey solar power plant, including project design, engineering, construction execution, and finally connecting the plant to the grid. The power plant is designed to use its own control system to respond to current electricity demand. A total of 1,944 TIER 1 panels were used in the construction and inverters with power and safety optimizers of top Israel‘s producer. This solution is the one of the safest on the market. The project can substantially increase the self-sufficiency of the production site and reduce the carbon footprint by 393 tonnes per year. The user can monitor real-time electricity production in the monitoring platform.

Solution properties

  • Plant power output of 901,80 kWp
  • Dispatch control for PV systems with capacity above 250 kWp
  • PV modules RISEN 450 Wp
  • PV string inverters SolarEdge
  • 10 months
  • 372 hours of work
  • 2004 solar panels

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